There is a popular saying

. “Before climbing up the ladder, just be sure that it is leaned against the right wall”.

We all think logically and we need reasons to work. No one ever works for other’s reason.

what’s your reason?

Unless you have a strong reason, you will never put all your energy in it. If you don’t have any reason, let me help you here. Just think about all your achievements till now, big or small. Right from the childhood. Let’s say, you got class first in your tenth standard or in an internal in a semester. Just recollect how happy your parents were, even when you achieved something very small.How your mom bragged about your achievement to all your relatives and neighbours. Can you just recollect the joy you have seen in their eyes.

Now just think about them. In this entire world, there are only two people who loves you without expecting anything in return, not even your love. It is called unconditional loving. ¬†They just want to see that you are doing well in life. You need not give them anything, just don’t be a reason for them to worry. When you were born, they happily celebrated your birthday with all friends and relatives. Now, if the same people ask your parents about what you have become, please don’t let them bend their heads in shame. Don’t let them down. They have been waiting for the past few years, just to see that you would achieve something in your life. Is this not a reason, to see happiness in your parents eyes and don’t you want to be a reason for that? Is it not a reason worth dying for? Don’t you wanna live for it and die for it? Believe me, if there is nothing worth dying for, there is nothing worth living for. Just for their happiness, do it. Just do it.

 Think about how long you are gonna work???.

Lets us assume you will live for 63 years and work. Since you are 23(assuming) and you would work till 63, you have 40 long years ahead of you. You will have to live and work for 40 years, even if you like it or not, unless your last name is Tata or Ambani. Then how do you want to live those 40 years and what kind of work you wanna do??

If you have a choice, and if you could choose now,

what would that be?

Wouldn’t it be to live a first class life?

Don’t you wanna give a luxurious life to your loved ones?

If you want it all, you have to become a master.

There are two ways to live our lives, one is to have a dream and work fulfilling it. The other is to live fulfilling others dreams.

When a lion hunts a herd of zebras, it always focuses on one particular zebra. Even when the other zebras appear to be closer, it never changes its focus from the chosen one. How do you think the predators came up with this method which works?

It is what they have learnt over centuries. The idea is to focus on just one goal in order to achieve. While hunting that zebra, the lion may change the strategy but not the zebra.

So when we set up goals, we should be focused on the goal and choose a strategy but we should be flexible enough to change the strategy if it doesn’t work.

On the other hand, Zebras have developed the stripes so that when they all run together, it will be very difficult for the predators to focus on one zebra. Even in life, we have many things which will distract us like the zebras with stripes. If you have to achieve your goal, focus on one particular zebra, but be flexible to change the strategy.

All the best !


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